Jam Vibes TV Network

The TV Network With You In Mind

24/7 viewing on Jam Vibes TV Network

Jam Vibes TV Network

The TV Network With You In Mind

24/7 viewing on Jam Vibes TV Network

Jam Vibes TV Network is dedicated to Christian based entertainment through education and network support services. It is our hope that content streamed from Jam Vibes TV Network will change lives for the better and create a world environment of love and not hate.

Show Description and Times

Phoenix Entertainment Group

TV Channel

Streaming 365 days 24/7   Click  link below to view


Phoenix Entertainment Group provides web based radio through Go Radio with our partner WIGO Radio. Providing  video editing and professional live streaming .

Live with Erin On The Air

with Erin Vance-Brown

Tuesdays, 6 and 9pm  EST

Tune in at:


Join Erin with discussions of marriage, single life, entrepreneurship, physical fitness and more.

Restoration Family Worship Center

with Pastor Linton J. Smith Jr.

Tuesdays, 8am, Wed 9pm

 and Thurs 10am  EST

Tune in at:


Making a difference in our neighborhood  and beyond.

Artist Profile

TV Channel

Helping Artist To Shine 365 days 24/7

Click link below to view


 Take some time, get a cup of tea or coffee and relax as you enjoy a variety of musical artist exemplifying their passion and craft for the world to see and enjoy.


Kingdom Builders TV

with Louise Smith

 Mon & Fri, 11am & 5pm  EST

Tune in at:


Kingdom Builders  Publications makes  unpublished authors dreams come true. Kingdom Builders TV is a show documenting the dream to publish and their desires  fulfilled. 


with Stephanie A. Miles

Sun 10am EST 


SMilesTV shines a spotlight on the good happening throughout the world. With a bibilical world view, an array of topics, individuals, leaders, businesses and organizations are showcased. 

The Journey Walking Through Marriage Together

with Linton & Louise

Tues 7pm and Sat7pm EST 


Linton and Louise share their experiencesand insights  with the hopes they may help others.

Dr. Kofi Thompson


Mon 10am and 7pm  EST

Tune in at:


Building stronger Christian lives by encouraging all to live a meaningful and purpose driven life in the kingdom of God through His word.

TwinSports TV

Fri 9pm, Sat 9am & 9pm Sun 9pm 


At TwinSportsTV, we believe that EXPERIENCE promotes GROWTH and EXPOSURE gives OPPORTUNITY! We are the voices for youth sports.

"Get Your Game Up, Get Them Up, Whoo!"



In The Field With TRACKSTARZ

 Fri, 7pm  EST

Tune in at:


Trackstarz is a platform that helps Creatives bring their God-given vision to life.  Our community is filled with artists, producers, directors, designers, performers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and supporters.  

The Columbia Scene and Beyond

with Linton J. Smith Jr.

 Mon - Fri, 8pm  EST

Tune in at:


This is a show that covers many areas with a rainbow of topics sure to peak your interest from interviews to discussions and more.


The Holly Clegg Show (great recipes )

with Holly Clegg

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

at 5:30 p.m. 


Holly Clegg is the author of 10 cookbooks, including the Trim & Terrific series, which has sold more than 400,000 copies. 



Everlasting Gospel

with Pastor Doug Batchelor

Tue, 9am, 1pm and  Wed, 2pm EST

Tune in at


Dive into the Word of God with these inspiring 60-minute Bible lessons from Pastor Doug. 

The Kingdom Advancers Show

with Akita Taylor

Monday  at 9am and 6pm

Tune in at:

This show highlights the tools and strategies needed to be a kingdom advancer and ultimately embracing the real you that God called you to be.

Atlanta's Next Level and Beyond

with Nita

 Sun, 5:30 PM  EST

Tune in at:


A show to Empower, Educate, & Encourage people to move to the Next Level in Christ by sharing their Talents, Gifts, & Stories with the World!


Choose Life

with Deborah Ross

 Thurs, 9am and 2pm  EST

Tune in at


Deborah Ross is on a mission to Strengthen Families, Encourage Faith and Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Linton and Louise Smith (Owners)
Jam Vibes TV Network is dedicated to Christian based entertainment through education and network support services. We can help Pastors, Churches, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Show Hosts, Musical Artists and anyone else that needs a platform to spread your message. Let us help guide your promotional efforts from commercial spots to having your own channel running 24 hours.